Rosana Pannarale

Rosana Pannarale

Senior Mortgage Lender
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My name is Rosana Pannarale and I am pleased to announce the beginning of my new career as a ”Mortgage Loan Originator“ I am dedicated to serving the Real Estate industry in United States!

I joined Neighborhood Loans in 2018 as a “Business Development Strategist” under one of the best Mortgage Loan Originators  in the industry  Saul Pinela, with his guidance and mentorship, I have excelled in the mortgage industry and I am ready to take my skills to new heights.
At the same time I am very involved with the Spanish and Italian community and am fluent in both languages, ready to help any family and future buyers in need of a mortgage loan with the greatest responsibility and diligence that each one deserves .
With my favorite words “It is easier to buy than to rent” I specialize in assisting first time homebuyers and I commit to professionally guiding all interested parties to start or continue increasing their networth and turning their dreams into a reality

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