Though it may lay 40 miles away from Chicago, Joliet is still a unique place to make your home. Home to the beautiful Rialto Square Theatre, two casinos and several lucrative employers, Joliet has quite a lot going for it right now. With our proximity to Joliet from Chicago, Neighborhood Loans knows the necessities of getting a mortgage to buy a home in Joliet.

Joliet is Illinois’ fourth largest city and that title certainly shows. Though Joliet no longer has the industry it once had, it is still one of the fastest growing cities in the nation with plenty of property opportunities. Even better, Joliet has easy access to Chicago thanks to rail lines that run daily between the two cities. Joliet offers the peace and quiet of a suburb mixed with the scenic downtown life of a city, a rare mix if ever there was one.

As we’ve mentioned, Joliet is practically next door to Chicago which means it is right in the backyard of Neighborhood Loans. We know the area and what’s happening in the mortgage and real estate markets there and we want to help you keep informed. Give Neighborhood Loans a call today to learn about which mortgage programs you can qualify for in the city of Joliet. Our loan officers are happy to help you answer any questions you may have and all you need do is call.


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