As most of the current Illinois residents know – the property taxes in the state are some of the highest in the country. The property tax rate for your home will depend on the county you live in, but the further away from the city you are, the cheaper your property taxes will be.

There are exactly 102 counties that makeup Illinois and your property tax rate will vary based on the one you choose to live in. Below, there will be a list detailing some of the most and least expensive counties based on their average property tax.

Most Expensive

Fabyan Forest Preserve view in Illinois

The counties listed below mostly make up Chicago and the surrounding areas. Naturally, the neighborhoods within these counties will come at higher property values and taxes due to their proximity to the city. These areas also feature some of the densest populations and notable landmarks. With higher property taxes come many perks like the best school districts in the state and the lowest crime rates. You can find all sorts of housing throughout these neighborhoods from cozy apartments to luxury houses. If you plan on living in the city – you should also have everything you need within walking distance. There’s great public transportation in these counties and it’s all connected.

Lake County – $6,285

DuPage County – $5,417

Kendall County $5,365

McHenry – $5,226

Kane County $5,112

Will County $4,921



May 10, 2008. DeKalb, Illinois, USA. An American Cival War memorial monument in front of the DeKalb County Courthouse.

The counties in the middle (or average) price range for the state are a little further out from the city – but fall closer to other landmarks inside and out of the state of Illinois. There are many different types of neighborhoods in these counties and there’s probably even room to build your home from the ground up if desired. There are dense or rural suburban neighborhoods and any time of living situation you can imagine.

DeKalb $4,267

Boone County $3,453

Grundy County – $3,666

Monroe County – $3,236

Kankakee County – $2,839


Least Expensive 

Fairfield, Illinois, USA – October 1, 2021: The Historic Wayne County Courthouse

Most of the counties with very cheap property taxes are in the very rural areas of the state. There is an immense amount of farmland in the state and there are some neighborhoods within those areas. If you’re looking for a lot of space for a cheaper price tag, you might be interested in some of the more rural neighborhoods throughout Illinois.

Henderson County $1,217

Wayne County $755

Hamilton County $687

Pulaski County $526

Hardin County – $447

Regardless of where you live, you will have to pay property taxes. If you’re indifferent on location and would like to save as much money as possible – there are plenty of counties in Illinois that come with a low-price tag. For a full list of the Illinois counties and their property tax rates – visit this website:,median%20home%20value)%20per%20year.

States with the Cheapest Property Taxes

If the high property taxes are driving you away from Illinois – there are plenty of states that have low property taxes.

Towards the West Coast, Colorado has become one of the fastest-growing states in the country. Not only because of the low property taxes but because of the progressive development throughout the entire state. The cities are growing and the suburbs are right behind it and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The mountains make a great home if you’re an outdoor person and you can take advantage of them year-round.

Down south and towards the coast, Alabama has one of the lowest costs of living in the entire country. Therefore, the state has low property taxes and housing options for everyone. The state is full of kind people who love football, culture-filled cuisine, and beautiful shorelines. If you enjoy hot weather most of the year, there are lots of states down south with low property taxes.

Believe it or not, the state of Hawaii has some of the lowest property taxes in the country. If you love the beach and can afford property on this island, it could be the place for you! There’s perfect weather all year round and many beautiful landscapes to explore. Hawaii is filled with unique cultures and opportunities for those who reside there.

Tucked into the East Coast is the small state of Delaware. Even though it’s not a large state, it still has big perks. One of them is having access to major cities like New York and Philadelphia just a short drive away. There’s many different attractions on the East Coast and you’ll get all four seasons throughout the year.


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