Neighborhood Loans takes pride in helping our nation’s veterans find the homes they deserve through the use of the Veterans Affair Loan, or VA Loan. Whether you’re actively serving in the armed forces or you’re retired from the service, you still qualify for a VA Loan. The VA Loan has been used for decades to help our military men and women purchase the homes that they deserve for helping defend our country. Neighborhood Loans will work hard to make sure our veterans get the VA Loan that they need.

  • The VA Loan requires no down payment, which can help save you money on the transaction
  • A VA Loan is not based on the borrower’s credit score. Service within a branch of the US Armed Forces is a necessity.
  • The VA Loan can be used for home buying, mortgage refinance, and home modification: whatever you need.
  • The VA Loan also offers extra benefits for disabled veterans

Our veterans were there to defend us when this country needed them most. The least we can do to help them is make sure that they get the VA Loan that they deserve for their service.