Where to spend extra

Usually, people tend to be frugal and find new ways to save some money.

With the expense of financing a house, paying off debts or buying miscellaneous things – it all adds up.

We try to scope out the best deals and sign up for alerts when sales are happening. The goal is to buy practical and for a good price.

However, that doesn’t mean buy cheap to just replace within two weeks.

What we mean here is to pay the extra dollar that will benefit you in the long run. Spend a little more on things that has good quality and will last long.

Think about it – you might end up spending more when you buy double, or triple, opposed to buying one high-quality item.

By splurging a tad bit, you can make your life easier and more convenient.

This approach can even be used for home features. With these little additions and renovations, you will get the best bang for your buck, and not a penny more!

1. Heated floors


Say goodbye to cold feet and hello to easier mornings.

If you are having troubles getting out of bed because you can’t bear the cold surface beneath your feet, consider installing an underfloor heating system.

Not only does hardwood and tiling look good, it will feel amazing as well. Hardwood floors are becoming more favorable than carpet due to its cleaning convenience.

Typically, underfloor heating uses less energy to heat up your home, which can save you some extra cash on your monthly electric bill.

Investing in underfloor heating will make getting out of a steamy shower or waking up on a cold winter morning a bit easier; you will never have to worry about getting cold feet again.

2. Soft closing drawers


Get rid of the clatter and noise a kitchen makes and consider installing soft-closing drawers.

This is becoming a trending necessity in kitchens. Not only does it add an aesthetic appeal, it keeps your drawers safe and sound-less.

Especially for families with younger children who don’t understand the concept of gentle.

They will slam, shut and open things with a heavy force. But, with soft-closing drawers, no toddler or angsty adolescent can take their anger out on the kitchen.

These drawers softly glide to its proper position with little push to close. They will keep your kitchen functioning well with little noise and a gentle touch.

3. High-quality knives


It’s no secret that there is a special technique behind cutting and slicing vegetables.

Cooking is a patient and special art that takes years to master. But, behind every great artist, they have their special tools and instruments to thank.

Especially when it comes to cutting knives. Using a start-up knife versus a high-quality knife, you will be able to see and feel the difference.

With a high-quality knife, there will be no more rigid or messy cuts. If you are a cooking enthusiast, you may want to consider investing in some top-notch knives.

Not only will they make prepping food easier, they will last a lifetime.

4. Comfortable mattress


It goes without saying, slipping in between the warm sheets and letting your head fall onto the pillow after a long work day is one of the most satisfying feelings.

The only thing that can ruin this feeling is a crummy mattress.

void this nightmare and treat yourself to a heavenly mattress, one that limits tossing and turning or counting sheep.

Do you want to spend each night flipping and flopping to find the perfect spot?


Your mattress should be treated like a sanctuary that revives you each night and prepares you for the following day.

You know you have found the perfect mattress when it’s almost impossible to get out of bed. Whether your preferred choice is memory foam, tempur-pedic or custom made, it should lead you into a deep and uninterrupted sleep.

5. Wi-Fi


What is the most frequently asked question when you go somewhere new?

“What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

The 21stcentury has evolved into the technological world and people have become extremely dependent on it.

Whether it’s for binge watching Netflix, shopping for groceries or working from home, the Internet has become a vital part of our daily lives.

Because Wi-Fi is heavily used, it seems logical to have a strong and steady connection, always.

What’s worse than working on a big project when your Wi-Fi connection drops out of nowhere?

It would be worse if it didn’t save… Before you contemplate throwing your computer, AGAIN, take a trip to your electrical device store and buy a wireless router. Then place it in your home’s Internet sweet spot to maximize signal strength.

This way, no project will go unsaved or Netflix binging session will be interrupted.

6. Pressure cooker


Do you tell yourself every Sunday, “this week, I am going to eat healthy.”

But then, it never pans out because you are swamped with work and have little time and energy to prepare food.

Well, throw that excuse away and pick up a pressure cooker, today!

This handy kitchen appliance is a programmable slow cooker that will cook your food while you are away.

It cuts the hours spent cooking and easily makes your meal with little effort from you.

All you have to do is gather your ingredients, throw them in the cooker, set the timer and wait. With a pressure cooker, you will be able to eat well, save time and try some new recipes.

7. Sound system


If you are a big music junkie or movie fanatic, it may be worth to invest in a high-quality sound system.

Isn’t it annoying when you can’t hear the punchline of a joke and you are forced to rewind 10 seconds? -OH, WAIT. You went too far- Yep. We’ve all been there.

Remove this hassle from your life by installing surround sound speakers.

These speakers will clearly deliver musical tunes or movie dialogue right to your ears. To make this experience even better, find a system that is compatible with your smart phone or tablet.

This way, you are able to control the volume right from your fingertips. This feature will give you the power to DJ while you’re in the kitchen cooking away.

8. Vacuum cleaner


Every mom can preach that her favorite Sunday activity is to vacuum.

They just love running throughout the house, sucking up dust and hair to get that spotless shine or diagonal stripe in the carpet.

Although, two tedious things seem to get in their way of this lovely chore – the wire and bag.

Isn’t it annoying to keep dancing around the wire and flinging it around like you’re playing jump rope?

Or dumping out a week or months’ worth of dust precisely over the garbage can so the grime doesn’t fly everywhere?

Time to upgrade to the best thing to happen to Sunday cleaning.

A bag-free and wireless vacuum cleaner that seamlessly picks up dust and glides across any surface without trouble. With this efficient piece of machinery, you and your home will never be happier.

9. Ice machine


Nowadays, modern refrigerators have the ability to dispense filtered water and cubed or crushed ice cubes.

The ice cube feature is especially useful on hot summer days where cold water or iced lemonade is the only solution to get through the blistering heat.

Or great for making Moscow Mules or Margaritas for those friendly get-togethers.

Whatever your use may be, having an automated ice cube machine is a valuable feature to consider when purchasing a refrigerator.

Not to mention, it will limit trips to convenience stores for bags of ice or tip toeing to the freezer while balancing ice trays filled with water.

10. Sofa


Ahh, finally.

You’ve just walked through the door after a long work day. Kicked off your shoes, threw your bag on the table, then… what is your next move?

You guessed it, plop on the couch and prop your legs up. This is pretty much a daily routine.

You even have a spot engraved with the outline of your body. With that being said, it’s a no brainer that investing in a comfy couch will pay for itself.

Not only is your couch your go-to for lounging hours, but it’s your spot to camp out when you’re sick, a place to gather with friends and family or the best seat in the house to watch the big game.

Either way, a big and inviting sofa is a definite necessity for a home.

What else were you going to put in that big spacious area in the family room?

Think about it, where would you like to curl up with a nice, cozy blanket on a fall afternoon?

11. Curtains


Obviously, you need some type of shielding over your windows to block out the sunshine or get some privacy.

This is where curtains come into play.

They can even add an aesthetic appeal to the interior of your home. As for many of us, curtains are manual, meaning they have to be personally opened, closed, raised or lowered.

However, there is a way to get around that repetitive routine without lifting a hand.

With minimal exertion and extreme convenience, motorized curtains are the next best invention.

Motorized curtains are activated with a touch of a button to quietly open or close shades effortlessly.

So, the next time you’re watching a movie and a glare from the sun appears on your TV, you won’t have to get up from your perfect spot.

Just continue to sit back, relax and push a button to do the rest.

12. Central air conditioning


When you tour newly constructed homes, you can safely guarantee there will be central air conditioning.

However, it’s when you are looking at older homes, it’s a tossup whether the home has this crucial feature or not.

This is a very important component that future homeowners look for in a home.

Central air conditioning filters clean and crisp air throughout the home, making living more enjoyable and healthy.

People do not want to sit in an enclosed space with minimal fresh air. If this what you’re looking for, try a sauna room or hot yoga.

Your home should not cause you or other residents any discomfort. Don’t settle for muggy air and struggle to breathe.

It may be a pricey purchase, but it will pay off in the long run. Invest in a central air conditioning system that provides you high-quality air and easy breathing.


Although these features can cost a dime, being happy in your home is priceless.

Of course, don’t splurge on these luxurious amenities all at once.

Evaluate your situation, prioritize your needs, then decide what extra will benefit you most.

After all, your home is a huge investment, why not add some value to it by incorporating some nice extra features?