Now that your client has officially signed their closing documents and is starting to move in, you’ll also be moving on to your next client or project. Sometimes, it’s hard to get the ball rolling and find the next best deal for you to pursue.  

If you often find yourself waiting around for the next client to walk into your office, there is probably more you can be doing to find potential clients. As you know, real estate is a challenging but rewarding career. On top of building your book of business, the job can come with long or untraditional hours to keep your clients happy.  

Word of mouth is extremely important in the industry to help you grow, and there are several marketing strategies that can boost your referrals. Read below to learn more about them!  

Offer Incentives


There are a lot of people in the world who aren’t willing to do something unless it benefits them. Helping people isn’t always their first instinct and if you can offer an incentive for a referral, they could quickly spread your name around. Small things like gift cards, housewarming presents, or future discounts can go a long way. If you like to get to know your clients, you might be able to come up with a customized incentive for them!  

Email Automation


As your book of business grows, so will your contact last. The more email addresses you can collect, the better. Taking advantage of an automated email system is a simple way to get your name in front of past and potential clients periodically. You can provide content about important real estate information or deals and sales that you know about. Once it’s in their inbox, it can be forwarded by your clients to even more people. The opportunity is endless and the more people you can reach, the more leads you’ll generate.  

Build Relationships


This might seem like a no-brainer – but going the extra mile and getting to know your coworkers, clients, and industry leaders is an important part of the real estate industry. If somebody isn’t able to take on another client, they might be more willing to send them your way if you’ve been kind or helpful to them in the past. Sometimes people just need to talk and reaching out can make a huge difference. Building relationships is not only crucial in real estate but in life to be successful.  

Be Different

On top of having your own unique branding, it’s important to bring your personality into your business. If you can do something memorable that sticks with your clients, they will most likely talk about it at their housewarming party! People who are currently in the buying market will often have friends in similar situations, giving you an opportunity to get your name spread around.  

If you combine all of these real estate referral strategies, you will generate more leads and new clients! As technology takes over most industries, you’ll have to take advantage of it to find success. There are plenty of tools online to help you get started – what are you waiting for?