Rockford may not be as well known as Chicago, but it’s still the third largest city in Illinois and a great place to look for a home. With the urban renewal heading through the downtown area, restoring such landmarks as the Coronado Theatre, Rockford is steadily improving itself after the hard knocks it has taken over the years. And as with the other towns of Illinois, Neighborhood Loans is quite familiar with the real estate scene in Rockford and ready to help you finance your new home there.

At one time, Rockford was a town of industry thanks to its location midway between Chicago and Galena as well as how it straddles the Rock River of Northern Illinois. While its days of industrial dominance may be behind it, Rockford has been seeing a rise in rejuvenation around itself, specifically in the historic areas of downtown.

Additionally, industry in the town has been replaced by culture, such as the Burpee Museum of Natural History and the Anderson Japanese Gardens. While it doesn’t look like any new homes are being built in Rockford, those that already stand are solid structures that are waiting to make for comfortable homes once more. All it takes is a buyer willing to take a look.


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