When it comes to Chicago, a lot of people might think about violent stories they’ve heard on the news. Even with its reputation, Chicago is far less dangerous than many other cities across the United States.

There are places in Chicago that you will want to avoid when you plan your move or visit. Due to high violent crime rates like murder and robbery, some neighborhoods in Chicago are not friendly to families or tourists.

But overall, Chicago is a very safe place and most of its neighborhoods are filled with history, culture, local business, friendly families, and wonderful entertainment. Living in the city might not be for everybody, but the list below will detail some of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago.


Printers Row

Located South of the Loop, between Congress Parkway and Polk Street, Printers Row used to be the center for publishing and printing in the 1880s. As technology advanced, the industry crumbled by 1950 and the old buildings have since been renovated for residential use. This neighborhood is conveniently located within walking distance of many grocery stores, restaurants, museums, and even has a shopping area that was once the first train station in the city. Printers Row is considered one of the safest and best neighborhoods in Chicago. Its violent crime rates are well below the national average and if you want to move to the city, Printers Row is a great place to start looking.

Gold Coast

Gold coast was once known as the Astor Street District and is now full of historic landmarks! The area is another premier neighborhood in Chicago and didn’t become noteworthy until Potter Palmer, a businessman who helped establish the department store chain Marshal Field’s, built a 42-room mansion in 1885. Unfortunately, it was demolished in 1950 to make room for more housing. Gold Coast is safe and has some of the lowest crime rates in the city. It is also family-friendly, has great transportation options, and useful amenities within walking distance.



In-between the Magnificent Mile and Lake Michigan, Streeterville will always have activities to keep you entertained. Home to Chicago’s most visited attraction, Navy Pier, this area is a great and safe place to live. Filled with medical facilities, corporate offices, and even the campus for Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine, there is opportunity everywhere. The neighborhood is known for having a close-knit community and even has a group called the  Streeterville Organization of Active Residents (SOAR) to help build and celebrate those who reside here. If you plan on visiting Chicago, Navy Pier is probably on your list, and rightfully so.


Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is one of the most famous areas of Chicago with just under 70,000 residents and it boasts a rich history. Lincoln Park features a lakefront trail, zoo, conservatory, beaches, museums, theaters, and many other options for activities and entertainment. The town lives up to its name, offering many parks, green spaces, and paths for those who pass through there to take advantage of. Even with such a large population, the crime rates usually come in below the national average. Overall, Lincoln Park is one of the most entertaining and best places to visit while you’re in the city.



Located on Chicago’s north side, Andersonville’s neighborhood is known for its Swedish heritage and local shopping options (there are over 300 registered businesses). It is also known as a safe neighborhood because all of the crime rates are well below the national average. The population is under 7,000 and there are many things to learn about the area’s history.

Andersonville is known for its local food! There are many hole-in-the-wall eateries where you can find one of a kind meals. There are many different housing options for families throughout Andersonville but if you’re just coming to visit – there are many great things to do here.

Edison Park

Edison Park is another neighborhood on the north side of Chicago that does not draw a lot of tourism. Regardless, it is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city and is great for families looking to settle down. The crime rates are extremely low, and the area is known for its culture and nice suburban feel. There are many green spaces, places to eat, and entertainment options to enjoy in Edison Park. If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful town, look here first!

While there are many wonderful, safe neighborhoods throughout the Windy City – there are also places that you are going to want to avoid. Without providing details, the neighborhoods listed below are known for their high rates of violent crime. In some cases – you would have a 1/20 chance to be a victim of a crime in these neighborhoods.

West/East Garfield Park, Washington Park, Englewood, Riverdale, Chatham, South Chicago, Grand Crossing, North Lawndale,

Dangerous neighborhoods are no stranger to large cities around the world. Anywhere you go, there will be somebody trying to take advantage of another person. When visiting Chicago, there isn’t much to worry about if you stay within the tourist boundaries. If you plan on living in the city for an extended period, do your research before you start to look for homes and double-check if the area is safe.

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