Throughout the past year, the mortgage industry has seen record low rates, creating an opportunity for our loan officers to reach their full potential. Currently on their 11th year, the Scotsman Guide releases the, “nation’s most comprehensive and only verified lists of the top-producing residential mortgage originators.” For 2019, there were a total of 6,448 submissions, representing 458 companies across the nation. Due to the recent industry boom, submissions and criteria to be placed on the list have nearly doubled and we are fortunate enough to have five of those award-winning loan officers aboard our team.

Kevin Polakovich of Neighborhood Loans Awarded in Scotmans Guide 2020

Our highest ranked loan officer on the Scotsman Guide, Kevin Polakovich, co-founder and loan officer of Treadstone (a branch of Neighborhood Loans located in Michigan) came in at #600. Kevin generated a volume of just over $83 million across 422 loans during 2019. To make this more impressive, most of his closings were purchases, generating 79% of his business during a year where refinances were at record highs. Kevin is approaching his 20th year in the industry and will remain a role-model for upcoming loan officers.

Saul Pinela of Neighborhood Loans Awared in Scotmans Guide 2020

Not far down the list at rank #974 is Saul Pinela, a Neighborhood Loans top producer who is no stranger to awards. He was the #1 NAHREP Latino Loan Originator in Illinois in 2015 and 2016 and was ranked #9 in the Nation in 2016. In 2019, Saul was able to produce a volume of approximately $67 million, closing 345 loans with 84% of them being purchases. Coming up on 20 years in the industry, Saul will continue working closely with the Hispanic community that helped him get to where he is today.

Matt Rosen of Neighborhood Loans Awarded in Scotmans Guide 2020

Following up Saul is Matt Rosen, ranked #1125 on the Scotsman Guide. Focused on a smooth and honest mortgage process, Matt was able to fund 199 loans totaling just under $62.5 million in 2019. With experience in all aspects of the mortgage industry, he works his hardest to get his clients not only in the home they want but will go above and beyond to make the process simple.

Brenden O'Driscoll of Neighborhood Loans Awarded in Scotmans Guide 2020

Further down the list at #1819 is industry veteran Brendan O’Driscoll, another co-founder and loan officer of Treadstone. After 22 years in the industry, he is continuing to make a difference in lending by practicing ethically and honestly. Securing $49 million in volume across 255 loans across 2019, Brendan has slowed down but remains a knowledgeable industry leader.

Andy O'Brien of Neighborhood Loans Awarded in Scotmans Guide 2020

Our fifth loan officer to make the list was Andy O’Brien, ranked #2087. Split almost down the middle for percentages of purchases vs refinances, his total volume landed just over $46 million, closing 174 loans. With a great grasp on the Chicagoland market, he’ll continue to grow by working his hardest to benefit his clients.

We’d like to congratulate all our award-winning loan officers who are primed for another great year. They will continue to lead their peers and do everything in their power to make the home buying process easy for you.